Player Profiles

Mick Chapman

Aliases: Mickey, The Bear (something to do with my paws), Tracey

Porthleven career stats since 1999
D.O.B. 29/06/1960
Prowess Bowling
Highest Score 20 (twice)
Best Bowling 8-11 against St Buryan
Debut for Porthleven 1989, long since forgtten against who
Greatest cricketing moment Batting for a draw against St Just, made 17, got out with 6 to go, Scott B and Spider finished the job
Worst cricketing moment Losing to Mullion on the last ball when Paul Francis dropped the last bat off my bowling with the score tied and they scampered a quick single!
Funniest cricketing moment Mark Jones breaking Andy Slater's nose with the wicket keepers glvoes when they went for the same catch.
Cricketing Hero My great uncle APF Chapman, Captain of England in the 1920s. Played for Cambridge University and Kent.
Favourite ground Falmouth main pitch
Favourite food / drink Lager / Salad
Favourite Actor / Actress Sandra Bullock
Favourite music Eagles
Hobbies All types of fishing
Who would you like to be stranded on a desert island with Sandra Bullock
Song you would like to be played as you walked out to bat I am the one and only

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