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Paul Francis

Aliases: Wrist (Carpus - for you medical bods) obviously if I'm abroad this may differ.....Poignet(fr), Muneca(esp), Zapesti(cz), Polso(it). Jimmy, Trevor, Paul Wicker, Rusty

Porthleven career stats since 1999
D.O.B. 5th March 1971
Prowess Still to discover that!
Highest Score 52no (vs current England International.....)
Best Bowling In the nets
Debut for Porthleven years ago!
Greatest cricketing moment Scoring winning runs with streaky edge vs St Just last season.
Worst cricketing moment Dropping 'sitter' vs Mullion 2/3 years ago in last over of close game.....we came second.
Funniest cricketing moment Oz bowling against St Levan player several years ago
Cricketing Hero Andrew Flintoff (current) Derek Randall (from the good old days)
Favourite ground Gerrans
Favourite food / drink Indian / Guinness (and now Magners too!!)
Favourite Actor / Actress Kenneth Williams/Anna Friel
Favourite music Smiths/Morrissey/Radiohead...loads more, all quite 'gloomy' apparently
Hobbies Horse Racing, Gambling, Football, Golf, not reading under any circumstances.(Was tempted to put DIY, but may be taken in wrong context - see above)
Who would you like to be stranded on a desert island with Someone with safe and reliable means of transport for return journey home
Song you would like to be played as you walked out to bat Anything about 2 minutes long - then I can enjoy it walking back to the pavillion too!

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