Player Profiles

Jamie Strachan

Aliases: T'Jamie, The Naturist, Strachs, Gordie

Porthleven career stats since 1999
D.O.B. Not telling thee
Prowess Pullin in T's
Highest Score Three, in one T'night!!!
Best Bowling What's T'bowling lark then?
Debut for Porthleven Can't remember, but I must have been greeaaat
Greatest cricketing moment Up North, you T'sutherners wouldn't understand
Worst cricketing moment Coming daaan T'Saarth
Funniest cricketing moment Thes naat funny bout T'cricket pal
Cricketing Hero The one an only T'Boycott
Favourite ground normally the one I fall on after T's
Favourite food / drink Tea /Mushy peas
Favourite Actor / Actress All in T'Corrie
Favourite music That tune from T'bread advert
Hobbies T'pigeons and T'whippets
Who would you like to be stranded on a desert island with T'Nora Batty
Song you would like to be played as you walked out to bat Ah say thes should be no music playing whilst T'cricket is on

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