Player Profiles

Adam Young

Aliases: Oz, Cadbury's, Frodo, BagofBones

Porthleven career stats since 1999
D.O.B. Whats that mate
Prowess Talking to Sheilas mate
Highest Score Dunno mate, but it's better than you Pommey gitz
Best Bowling I know I'm the best bowling here mate
Debut for Porthleven Bloody years ago when I was a nipper mate
Greatest cricketing moment Every time the Mrs lets me play mate
Worst cricketing moment Every time she doesn't let me play mate
Funniest cricketing moment Mate, playing with you Poms it's always bloody funny
Cricketing Hero Any Aussie that smacks you Poms about mate
Favourite ground It's in Aus mate, bigger than anything you have over here mate
Favourite food / drink Kangaroo poo / Possum piss
Favourite Actor / Actress Bouncer / Kylie
Favourite music Kylie
Hobbies Bashing Poms
Who would you like to be stranded on a desert island with Anyone but a Pom mate
Song you would like to be played as you walked out to bat Do you Come from a Land Down Under - Men at Work

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