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Dean Bray

Aliases: Deano, Wee Wee, The Fat Italian, Fat Peter Kay, Dribbles, Middle Aged Midfielder, Nadia, Mafia Hitman, Gnocchi, Edrisasonko.

Porthleven career stats since 1999
D.O.B. 25/2/83 (although some think 1971!!)
Prowess Opening Bat (RH) / Wicket Keeper
Highest Score 97
Best Bowling 3-9 (back in the days opening with Parish)
Debut for Porthleven 1995 - aged 12 !!!
Greatest cricketing moment Winning Div 5 title last year / any meadery trip
Worst cricketing moment Being relegated two years ago / any duck
Funniest cricketing moment Reading ******`s reports in the Advertiser
Cricketing Hero Derek Newman - he tells some great tales
Favourite ground The Bottoms, Porthleven / Falmouth
Favourite food / drink Pizza (I'm Italian) / Orange Juice
Favourite Actor / Actress Jim Carey / Angelina Jolie
Favourite music Cold Play / Red Hot Chilli Peppers (or any music in T's)
Hobbies Football / Cricket / Big T's and Roasting
Who would you like to be stranded on a desert island with Jeff Carvelly & Richard Joslyn - we'd have some great laughs!! or Kelly Brook!!
Song you would like to be played as you walked out to bat Republica - Ready to Go

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